Tuesday,March 10 is the DAY!!!



I have been somewhat anti tax in the past, but have recently viewed several studies that show how much it takes to educate a child. Right around $9,500.

Whether our students are headed trade school to learn a valuable trade, public,community, or private University bound, it’s well worth a small investment in a tax increase.

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Art is nice too. The DIA has some terrific art that will be well kept for future generations.


Get your absentee ballots or make it to the polls rain or shine on Tuesday March 10th and “Just Say Yes”.



So who is  William of Occam? Actually Occam (or Ockham) is a town in England where William of Occam was born. William lived from about 1285 to 1349, a philosopher and a Franciscan monk. In the 800-plus years since Friar William laid down his maxim, logicians have turned it into a rule: Occam’s razor simply states that of any given set of explanations for an event occurring, the simplest one is most likely the correct one. How Occam’s Razor Works https://science.howstuffworks.com/innovation/scientific-experiments/occams-razor.htm?

MISD in conjunction with school districts around the county  are proposing a 1.9 mill increase.

The best explaination  is that this money goes for salaries of teachers, supplies utilities ,and upkeep of the many schools in the district.

Make sure to get out and vote!

This will be a nice investment in our kids future!!













November 10, 2019

There’s a smoking battle over grass , Aunt Mary, gangster, boom, ganja, pot, marijuana, [or whatever the up- to- date lingo is used these days] going on. Pun intended. It’s serious if it makes it easier for school aged children to get their hands on it.   https://www.macombdaily.com/news/local/clinton-twp-board-votes—again—to/article_54e9ef74-f9dc-11e9-ba4f-8b366a6fb8e0.html A few paragraphs describing the battle mainly in Clinton Township, where […]

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Burning Ring of Fire(Rated Walls)

September 4, 2019

Johnny Cash…best song ever. FIRE WALL Change orders: Sequoyah Elementary school, Dakota 9th Grade Center and Seneca Middle School, All 3 schools planned for the 2004 bond;               We are very lucky to have a school board that is looking out for the safety of our students! Thanks to […]

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Occam’s Razor

August 27, 2019
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Manthey Farm purchase and Bond money discussion

February 5, 2019

A discussion of the Manthey farm property  purchase at 22 mile and Garfield . A Macomb Daily Article 2-11-2019 tells of some of the history of the Mantheys, and my quote at the end. I do believe I was mistaken and the Manthey’s left the property to the district free and clear plus a stipend. There […]

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Country wide Investigation-Safety- Worth every penny

January 30, 2019

          By Steve Miller, Real Clear Investigations The Chippewa Valley school district in suburban Detroit didn’t retreat in 2017 after voters overwhelmingly defeated its proposal to borrow $90 million for spending pitched as “protecting the community’s investment in our schools.” Instead they came back with a different safety package  – with even more of […]

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NEW! All the World’s a (Wyandot) Stage.

December 12, 2018

UPDATE: NEW info Added – A line taken from Shakespeare’s “As You Like It”. The Wyandot Middle School stage was the focus of quite a few change orders in July 2006 and again in January 2007 relating to it’s enlargement:   Both documents are drawn in their own “to scale” , and the drawings are not in […]

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August 24, 2018


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SAFE SCHOOLS STRONG SCHOOLS PROPOSAL *NEW* NOW $477 million reasons to be glad it passed

August 23, 2018

  Although Grosse Pointe schools used the “school safety” approach with the NOT THIS BOND:https://www.gpresponsiblespending.com/10_reasons_to_vote_no_not_this_bond tagline , they were not putting safety of students first, and the wrong approach. Utilizing the scoreboard  at the Dakota/ Chippewa football game was great way to get the word out!   Here is a link to BLUEPOINT  safety alert system which is […]

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If this Bond Did Not Pass…Luckily Education will still go on……..

August 22, 2018

What would have happened if the 2018 Chippewa Valley bond did not pass? We would still have safe and strong schools. Here’s why: The Michigan 2019 K-12 School Aid Budget just passed includes a funding increase of between $120 and $240 per student. This budget also sets aside $58 million for school safety.  This includes money […]

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It’s Going to Be an Epic [MRA] year.

April 3, 2018

An Epic year. November 2017 something interesting happened. I received a phone call from a research firm inviting me to an event. It was to test if voters would support a bond (or put out as sinking fund) if placed on the November 2018 ballot. I could not make it that evening, but I would have […]

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Fire pumps Plural

January 22, 2018

    Fire safety is paramount in our schools. Having extra fire pumps was forward thinking by the engineers and fire marshal in this instance. The ordering may seem odd, but unless we are experts in this field, we’ll have to leave it to the experts!!!!

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May 4, 2017


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November 29, 2016

UPDATE :  The Chippewa Valley school board has just voted YES  on the Resolution to Approve Application for Preliminary Qualification of Bonds. Here are two sets of documents relating to the current bond proposal and previous bonds: 1.) These show that they will  borrow [ scan0026] $31,543,200 from the State, and other various financial documents. Will they shop for […]

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