Time for  new topic: playgrounds. I’ll leave these 2 documents here until I can add the supporting documents and more commentary at a later date.

This one is a compilation of some change orders relating to the co-operative with the MISD and Chippewa Valley’s Sequoyah Elementary school:



Yellow Highlighted were paid by the MISD; Circled purple lines paid by Chippewa Valley.

Why do change orders charged to both districts placed in a date spreadsheet  have numbers out of sequence again?



This one is a timeline of some of the above change orders:

Why does one change order specify Infill and the supposed matching on specify Excavate?

Why are change orders still coming in from a project  7-9 months later?

Why did we pay for drains twice?

Could some of the time/material sheets were recycled for payments again after the project is done?

….more to come…


An Epic year. November 2017 something interesting happened. I received a phone call from a research firm inviting me to an event. It was to test if voters would support a bond (or repackaged as a sinking fund) if placed on the November 2018 ballot.




I scoured the meeting minutes looking for any discussions to hire this firm that should have taken place in an open meeting. Meeting minutes should also have shown discussion about the possibly of a bond / sinking fund being placed the November 2018 ballot. I sent the following questions on this and various other topics to the Superintendent of Schools on March 13, 2018:

RE: New Bond 2018   By: Joshua Gordon | C&G Newspapers | Published January 23, 2018 “This article stated that the district doesn’t have a new [bond or sinking fund] proposal ready to go; rather they are going to take time to collect data and figure out how to move forward with a plan that is supported by the community.”
1.) During which open meeting was the decision made to hire EPIC MRA polling firm?    2.) At which open meeting did discussion take place to possibly have a bond/sinking fund vote for November, 2018?      Please supply the date/meeting minutes showing these discussions/ decisions.  [Consider these OMA requests.]    3.) What was the outcome of the most recent polling?   4.) To the best of your knowledge, will there be a revised bond/sinking fund ballot proposal on the November, 2018 ballot?                                            
Regarding the .99 raise in mills in 2014:    By Nicole Tuttle, Voice Reporter   Jul 24, 2014   “Chippewa Valley increased from 7.65 mills, which taxpayers have paid since 1979, to 8.64 mills starting in the summer of 2014 due to the legislation and the recession. “We anticipate that this increase will be temporary, approximately three years, based on modest property growth,” Blain said.
And   By: Jeremy Selweski | C&G Newspapers | Published July 16, 2014 “ For Chippewa Valley Schools, this means levying an additional 0.99 mill on its debt millage rate beginning this summer, an increase that officials estimate will last for the next three years. “   5.) When will the taxpayers experience the rollback of the .99 mill as promised?
Existing Debt:  6.) Is there a target date for final pay off existing $400+million dollar debt?
Consider the following statement made to the C&G newspaper:   By: Joshua Gordon | C&G Newspapers | Published January 23, 2018
In May 2017, an $89.9 million bond proposal by Chippewa Valley Schools failed, with 58.6 percent of voters voting against the proposal. The funds were to be used for student safety and facility upgrades around the district.   ““We want to understand what is important to our community and we are working to do that,” Roberts said. “I think what people don’t understand is even though our buildings look nice, we are not funded at a level adequate enough to maintain those buildings for a prolonged period of time.” “
Unallowable uses of bond proceeds: • Repairs, maintenance, or maintenance agreements
7.) Why would the district be pursuing another bond/sinking fund for maintaining facilities when MCL 380.1351-1372 states specifically that bond proceeds cannot be used for repairs or maintaining facilities?


School safety:    The last bond proposal specifically mentioned the need for bond money to replace a certain percentage of school room doors that did not lock from the inside (therefore not safe in a lock down situation).   8.) Knowing interior door locks could be of the utmost importance for safety, why didn’t every classroom have them installed with the 2010 bond money? What is the plan to do so if it has not been done yet?
RE: Promise programs:     Paragraph taken from :https://theconservativetreehouse.com/2018/02/21/its-too-late-broward-county-school-board-beginning-to-admit-their-mistakes/ “ “The policies were called “diversionary programs” and were essentially about stopping High School students from being arrested. Law enforcement was instructed to avoid arrests and defer criminal conduct to school administrators. Students who engaged in violence, drug sales, robberies, burglaries, theft and other various crimes were intentionally kept out of the criminal justice system. County administrators and School Superintendents told local and county law enforcement officers to stop arresting students.” “    9.) Is Chippewa Valley school district participating this or in any similar programs that provide grant money to avoid arresting students to improve statistics regarding crimes committed on school properties?

Ron Roberts has not responded as of yet. He does want you to know this:

” “We want to understand what is important to our community and we are working to do that,” Roberts said. “I think what people don’t understand is even though our buildings look nice, we are not funded at a level adequate enough to maintain those buildings for a prolonged period of time.” ”

For $500+ millions spent our buildings should look nice. His statements are conflicting because  the unallowable uses of bond proceeds are: • Repairs, maintenance, or maintenance agreements. What is important to this community is to find out where $500 million bond dollars went, and when will we have our .99 mill restored as promised. Until then, no one’s listening.

As for the missing polling firm hiring and bond related discussions according to the Open Meetings Act[OMA]:   All decisions must be made at a meeting open to the public – the OMA defines “decision” to mean “a determination, action, vote, or disposition upon a motion, proposal, recommendation, resolution, order, ordinance, bill, or measure on which a vote by members of a public body is required and by which a public body effectuates or formulates public policy.”

Open Meetings Act violations??

Keep your eye on your wallet in case they come back again in November 2018


Out of Order Change Orders Part II ~Fire pumps Plural

January 22, 2018

More spread sheets arranged by Company and Site[ Again, Not alleging any wrongdoing by any named Companies; just asking questions] This company has many change orders out of sequence ; duplicate numbers: 2 –#6’s, 2-7’s,2- 8’s, 2-9’s           The  electrical company in the following spread sheet has one major change order out of […]

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Seneca Middle School Storm Piping [ Drain Commission Vs DPW ]

January 11, 2018

  Back in late 2008 after spotting this Change order in the December 2005  summary, a change ordered by the “Drain Commission” for the sum of $ 55,470.00, I submitted a standard FOIA to the DPW (AKA drain commission) looking for the name of the inspector and any other info on this.   I received […]

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Dirt and Pipes

December 10, 2017

Dirt: It seems some of the 2004  bond project sites had really bad dirt; unstable and improper. One would think soil testing would have gone on by the engineering firm/Barton Malow before any project was begun. Boiler plated  language is really apparent here on this spreadsheet: BadDirt   ———————————————————————————————————- Pipes:Change orders relating to gas pipe on top of […]

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O-O-O- Extra Manholes-O-O-O

November 16, 2017

Extra manholes. Did we pay for one extra of each highlighted size?  The contract was between the Department of Public works and the named company with Chippewa Valley listed as the developer.   Scan0028  supporting documents.  

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Out of Order Change Orders

November 10, 2017

Just asking questions and my Disclaimer: In no way do my comments/observations  posted on these informational spreadsheets allege or accuse the companies listed of any wrongdoing. These spreadsheets consist of company specific change orders pulled from the monthly  summaries approved by the CV board. We can assume the numbers to the immediate left of the change […]

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All the World’s a (Wyandot) Stage.

October 30, 2017

A line taken from Shakespeare’s “As You Like It”. The Wyandot Middle School stage was the focus of quite a few change orders in July 2006 and again in January 2007 relating to it’s enlargement. Roughly $253,000 in change orders. Here are the original monthly change order   summaries :           Putting these contractor’s […]

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7 Reasons Why Not.

September 15, 2017

It seems ‘bond’ was the very last topic discussed during the (Board Workshop) meeting that took place on August 14, 2017. The minutes . Is the plan to come back for less money (say 65 million, so it sounds less expensive) in February, 2018 when they think the voters aren’t watching? The glossy flyer sent out pre- election by the […]

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Back to Business

May 4, 2017

Thanks to all who got out to vote. Now that the May 2, 2017 tax increase has been overwhelmingly defeated, we can get back to the business of tracking where some of the 1/2 billion dollars has gone. Even with every tactic the school board and administrators threw at this proposal, the savvy voters still weren’t buying […]

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Dream a little ($89 million) Treasury dream…..

February 4, 2017

———————————————————————————–  1st topic-2004 Bond~ A cool million and 15k square feet. ————————————————————————————————— NEW!  READ the Tuesday May 2, 2017 Ballot HERE:       CVBallot52017 It  has very precise wording as mandated by a change in the law that happened  based on Chippewa Valley’s bad borrowing practices. Financial experts have crunched the numbers  The .5 mills will […]

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$472 Million Reasons to Vote No………..

January 22, 2017

      The Chippewa Valley school district in Clinton Township, Michigan, has a $472 million debt, and has spent $257 million dollars in the last 12 year for “construction” and “tech “updates. Now Chippewa Valley Schools wants to borrow $89 million more  and stick it to the taxpayers yet again. They want to hold a general- […]

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November 29, 2016

UPDATE :  The Chippewa Valley school board has just voted YES  on the Resolution to Approve Application for Preliminary Qualification of Bonds. Here are two sets of documents relating to the current bond proposal and previous bonds: 1.) These show that they will  borrow [ scan0026] $31,543,200 from the State, and other various financial documents. Will they shop for […]

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