Chiaroscuro (Light and Dark)

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  • An art term Chiaroscuro (English: /kiˌɑːrəˈskjʊəroʊ/; Italian: [ˌkjaroˈskuːro]; Italian for lightdark), in art, is the use of strong contrasts between light and dark, usually bold contrasts affecting a whole composition. [Wikipedia]

Such as this work by Gerrit van Honthorst

UPCOMING EVENTS taken from L’Anse Creuse Front page
 [Operating in the light] Show meeting dates and times:


I have asked the school board President Pyden for the dates that notices were posted as required by  Michigan OMA for the Sub Committee meetings that took place on the following dates:   February 4th, February 25th,  March 4th and  April 29th.

Was the only notice given  on the day the meeting(s) took place as shown on the bottom portion of the agendas noted under “future meetings”?

Regardless if the notices were posted at the CV board office,  posting of these changes in the meeting schedule is  now required  by 15.265 of the OMA on their website. Maybe I missed the link showing the above subcommittee meetings on the CV website.  According to the OMA section below,  any changes to the meeting schedule [ whether they call them Subcommittee or “Special”] must be made public either  3 days after the change is made, or 18 hours before the meeting takes place and made available online:

15.265 Public notice of regular meetings, change in schedule of regular meetings, rescheduled regular meetings, or special meetings; posting; statement of date, time, and place; website; recess or adjournment; emergency sessions; emergency public meeting; meeting in residential dwelling; limitation; notice; duration requirement.

Sec. 5.(1) A meeting of a public body shall not be held unless public notice is given as provided in this section by a person designated by the public body.

(3) If there is a change in the schedule of regular meetings of a public body, there shall be posted within 3 days after the meeting at which the change is made, a public notice stating the new dates, times, and places of its regular meetings.  

 ( and it strongly appears their committees are now meeting very “regularly” )

(4) Except as provided in this subsection or in subsection (6), for a rescheduled regular or a special meeting of a public body, a public notice stating the date, time, and place of the meeting shall be posted at least 18 hours before the meeting in a prominent and conspicuous place at both the public body’s principal office and, if the public body directly or indirectly maintains an official internet presence that includes monthly or more frequent updates of public meeting agendas or minutes, on a portion of the website that is fully accessible to the public. The public notice on the website shall be included on either the homepage or on a separate web page dedicated to public notices for non regularly scheduled public meetings and accessible via a prominent and conspicuous link on the website’s homepage that clearly describes its purpose for public notification of those non regularly scheduled public meetings.      -No link…………………….

I also question President Pyden on  the ‘operating in the dark’ subcommittee format:

Booth Newspapers, Inc v Univ of Mich Board of Regents: This Court found it significant that the acknowledged purpose of these sub quorum committees …..“The sub quorum groups were utilized or designed to avoid the OMA, and therefore, they constituted a constructive quorum[.]” Therefore, this Court held that, because the board “deliberately divided itself into sub quorum groups to deliberate on public policy, in direct circumvention of the OMA’s objective of promoting openness and accountability in government,” the OMA applied.” By reading the entire opinion and the footnotes one discovers that this problem has been repeatedly been before the courts, and that in most cases the courts have held that the sub quorum meetings were illegal.

And – In some instances public bodies have divided into multiple subcommittees “The practical effect of various interpretations by the courts of the Act is that most activities of sub quorum groups are violations of the Act .(MM League Local Government Law and Practice, 12- 10)

This hasn’t stopped them so far.

Lastly, all discussions must be in the open and be capable of being heard by the public in attendance. [AG’s Open Meetings Handbook.]    For example, the Dakota media center meeting(s) that took place in a far corner whispering  on April 29th, or holding a meeting in a back room of the CV board office[which they have done in the past] , and precludes public participation, would violate OMA.

So, I have asked for the CV board to   provide the page or link on the CV site the future subcommittee meetings will be posted, and the date/time/place of the next subcommittee meeting.


Image result for crickets imageImage result for crickets image

With the recent cloud of governmental corruption hanging over Macomb County officials and their illicit activities,   one would think the CV board would want to maintain a culture of open government while selecting contractors and assigning contracts worth hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars. The word ‘open’  in the Open Meetings Act allows for just that ; a chance for the taxpayers to see where every dollar is being spent, as the CV officials promised.

Approve 2018 Building and Site Check Register in the amounts of:

April 15th- $390.75

April 29th- $27,238.00

May 6th-$61,005.00.

Treasurer Sobah: Wonder how soon and how detailed these approved checks ( and cue the change orders where IMO is a great place for fraud to go on)  will show up on the district’s website, again found here:

What are they hiding? We need to bring every CV district financial action to light.



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