$472 Million Reasons to Vote No………..

January 22, 2017 · 0 comments

Scan0028      The Chippewa Valley school district in Clinton Township, Michigan, has a $472 million debt, and has spent $257 million dollars in the last 12 year for “construction” and “tech “updates.

Now Chippewa Valley Schools wants to borrow $89 million more  and stick it to the taxpayers yet again. They want to hold a general- fund wasting (at least $50,000) May 2, 2017 bond election, which if passed will raise our mills by .50, putting us at 9.14 mills, an outrageous rate of taxation.

      Chippewa Valley schools just spent $89 spent million dollars over the last 6 years and NO NEW buildings were erected.    The CV board, Contractors, Architect, Barton Malow Construction manager; who or what is driving the need for bond money for ‘construction’ every 5- 6 years?      Project sheets for every site in Chippewa Valley school district submitted to the MI Treasury for the 2010 bond, with the help of Barton Malow [the No- Bid contract manager], were padded with nebulous phrases pretending to be projects meant to maximize the amount of money they could borrow.

Here’s a random sampling of what our district “needed ” for the 2010 bond:

Almost every site needed to replace concrete sidewalks/drives.  On various sites we needed to replace toilet partitions, tile replacement, tile replacement in the toilets, replace fixtures in toilet rooms, replace sinks and trim, replace doors and frames and hardware for doors, replace door closers, install domestic water tanks, replace parking lots (which would be maintenance), and repave parking lots (which would also be maintenance).    Replace furniture and furnishings, replace stage chair storage doors, renovate existing space around new additions, site restoration related to addition, add an automatic pool cover      ( haven’t seen this on either of 2 district pools),change pool chlorine to solid tablets, shade glass block windows in pool area (Isn’t the idea of glass block to let in light?), remodel math room to physics lab, renovate staff lounge to computer lab, renovate the weight room to a stage, convert 4th science lab to 3rd computer lab,  renovate stage-flip opening to opposite side,  and reconstruct slope of loading dock ramp.

Wait, there’s more:

Install a ladder to the cafeteria roof, replace ladder to gym roof, resurface folding wall, replace front lobby ceiling, replace drywall in library by skylights, replace drywall on main entrance soffit, replace soffit plaster system, install metal soffit around exterior of building, add temperature sensors and mixing valves, add motorized hoists for the gym mats, add motorized screen in media center, add motorized projection screen to cafeteria.   Add dust collector to wood shop, add cafeteria sound system, add acoustical panels to cafeteria, add A/c to pool scoring room, add shower dividers at stadium, add insulation in attic space at main office, add tile to walls behind slop sinks, replace tile in the kitchen, replace tile in classroom toilet rooms 1, 3, 4 and 5 (why not 2?), replace VCT with hard tile in restrooms, and replace tile on stage steps.  Replace flag pole, relocate flag pole, reconstruct brick walls, reconstruct brick walls with metal panels, replace all wooden benches with metal benches, enlarge playground into wooded area, replace drinking fountains by gym and my very favorite,  install timers on the drinking fountains.

To carry this amount of debt , and the willingness to in debt us by another $89 million, is simply misfeasance, which describes some affirmative act that, though legal, causes harm. What happens if this new bond passes ( although these bond issues are now becoming difficult to get past  savvy taxpayers; look at New Haven  that just turned down a  bond issue last November.) and the district can’t pay this off? The entities holding these bonds will be coming after us for more; way more.

And someone was complaining on FACEBOOK  that old computers with Windows XP are still being used.  What did the last $ 89 million get us? Still waiting for those automatic pool covers…….

 472 million reasons to vote NO.

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