7 Reasons Why Not.

September 15, 2017 · 0 comments

It seems ‘bond’ was the very last topic discussed during the (Board Workshop) meeting that took place on August 14, 2017. The minutes . Is the plan to come back for less money (say 65 million, so it sounds less expensive) in February, 2018 when they think the voters aren’t watching?

The glossy flyer sent out pre- election by the Together for Children PAC has 7 reasons why voters should have bit on this proposal. 

# 5 is particularly interesting. The claim there is no cost for a bond election “NO MATTER when it is held” is false. This Special election cost $56,351 out of the general fund. According to one of the Township clerks,” We wouldn’t charge Chippewa Valley in the November 2016 election because it would have been on the federal /State races.”

Let’s list what could have been purchased outright for our students: 11 sousaphones, 92-$600 laptops, 7,857 weekly readers [instead of charging parents], 1 maintenance  truck, or 162 football helmets. You get the idea. Why worry about 50k when you can get 89 million on a gamble vote. The law needs changing to Novembers only. Wasting money  meant for education across the state. Watch the papers, I predict they’ll be back after our wallets again.


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