97 million big ones

August 6, 2018 · 0 comments

Just as predicted:

Here’s the November ballot. Your school district is looking for 97 million dollars:

 Read carefully: First year zero; after that The simple average will be 1.53

Let’s take Dakota Project sheet for an example( the rest coming very soon…)

They want to sink 10 million dollars into Dakota High school:

Fun things like: Widen Cougar drive Resurface tennis courts,Install a 40k Exterior sign, Replace toilet partitions, 41 k for hand dryers, 57 k for lighting over the pool, Reconstruct masonry walls(to be as vague as possible) etc.



For the number crunchers:

And lastly, Prequalifying meeting notes which contain quite interesting information

There is $3.1 million remaining in the 2004/5 bond [Maybe to purchase the balance of the Manthey property- see above Tab titled “Chippewa Valley-11 lot subdivision”] and $2 million from the 2010 bond.

Featuring: Same Players who profit greatly: Wakely, Barton Malow and The Michigan Department of Treasury.

More to come on this….


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