Audit and $afety…at a price

June 15, 2018 · 0 comments

Here is the new Chippewa Valley audit for 2016/17.Scroll to the last page:

Still 424 million dollars in debt.

There’s a new twist on the “How can we get the voters on board for millions more”. Scare tactics: A telephone town hall will be held to tell us what millions more are need to be spent to make sure our kids are safe. Glossy flyers went out to residents alerting them they will receive a phone call if their number is on file ,which I’m sure weren’t cheap, as well as this Email to parents/guardians:

Dear Chippewa Valley Schools families,   Keeping our students safe has never been more important.
Our top priority at Chippewa Valley Schools is the safety of our students, staff and families. With that in mind, we recently conducted a building-by-building assessment of security across Chippewa Valley Schools.  The results showed we are doing many things well on student safety, and that more can and should be done.Our district works hard to keep pace with best practices for school safety. The nature of school safety continues to evolve and our district must continue to adapt. Again, our number one priority is providing a safe learning environment for all our children.That’s why I am writing to invite you to a school security tele-town hall on Tuesday, June 19, at 7 p.m.A tele-town hall is much like an in-person town hall, but is conducted over the phone. If we have your phone number, you will receive a call on Tuesday, June 19, at 7 p.m. You’ll have the opportunity to hear from expert speakers on school security, including local law enforcement, and ask questions. Tele-town hall speakers will include:
• Ron Roberts, Chippewa Valley Schools Superintendent
• Brian Smilnak, Security Consultant and Architect for Wakely Associates, Inc.
• Beth Pyden, Chippewa Valley Schools Board of Education President
• Anthony Wickersham, Macomb County Sheriff
If you doubt our district has your current phone number, please email it to Diane Blain and we will add you to our list. In addition, for those without phone numbers on file with the district, we will be conducting in-person meetings on this very important topic throughout the summer and into fall. I encourage you to join us for our upcoming tele-town hall. As always, it is an honor serving as your superintendent. Sincerely, Ron Roberts, Superintendent
Chippewa Valley Schools
(586) 723-2240

Why is the district architect Wakely Assoc. involved? [other than to package a safety bond to the voters,from which they greatly profit .]

The school board was polling folks in February to see if they could get a bond passed if they did not raise the mills, just simply tacked 10 more years on to the end of a new bond….stunning.

We need to find out who is behind this push to try to keep indebting the taxpayers of this district. As I’ve maintained for years, is it the contractors who profit from millions of change orders, the architect, board members  or county connection?  Is there a link somehow to the Macomb County corruption probe?Now that trials for the Macomb County corrupt public figures have started, maybe we’ll be getting answers in the next few weeks.

Again, what safety measures could possibly be needed that were not implemented with the $89 million dollars from 2010??

Homework for Next week Tuesday: Listen  for  $$ clues that they are coming for more of your tax dollars when you tune in to the Town hall.


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