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May 4, 2017 · 0 comments

Thanks to all who got out to vote. Now that the May 2, 2017 tax increase has been overwhelmingly defeated, we can get back to the business of tracking where some of the 1/2 billion dollars has gone. Even with every tactic the school board and administrators threw at this proposal, the savvy voters still weren’t buying what the district was selling: MORE Debt. Don’t kid yourself, they’ll be back in force again with this proposal.

I raised the alarm about the existing massive debt in 2009. The truth in voting law language (giving credit to Pappageorge and Pavlov in no particular order) passed in 2012 forced Chippewa Valley school officials to admit how deep in debt they were. Undisputed fact. They can’t be trusted with anymore of our money. If the last 89 million didn’t get interior classroom locks installed ( scaring parents over safety concerns) or the potholes filled, the money was mismanaged.

There will be more posting in fraud watch and we will take a look at a few other issues as well.

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