Burning Ring of Fire(Rated Walls)

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Johnny Cash..There are some of the same types of questions surrounding this scenario.

FIRE WALL Change orders:

Sequoyah Elementary school, Dakota 9th Grade Center and Seneca Middle School,

All 3 schools planned for the 2004 bond;

Sequoyah drawings probably started in 2004 for Sequoyah,construction plans approved in about 2005, construction most likely completed in 2006. Dakota 9th Grade and Seneca Middle drawings probably started in 2005, started construction in 2006 and completed in about 2007.

On May 15, 2006 Barton Malow and Wakely Assoc. present information about fire rated walls for Sequoyah Elem. and Dakota 9th Grade center to the Building and Site Committee meeting.

It is stated in the minutes that “About 2 years ago this [specs] was changed” [which would have been about May 2004.]

1.) Notice in the meeting minutes  Barton Malow or Wakely & Assoc. do NOT  say is that changes to fire rated walls were ordered by any MI State agency (such as Bureau of Construction Codes etc.).     [The compliance letter from Sequoyah on July 21, 2006 only mentions beams at doors B120/D100 not shown in detail.]



2.) Why would the State of Michigan have approved plans that were not up to the current fire rated wall codes?  Why weren’t the plans just corrected to code and resubmitted to the state? The ‘Typical Construction Notes’ document shows that  the Sequoyah architectural  plan was in progress by at least 1/17/2005, almost a year after Barton Malow and Wakely and Assoc claim that the fire rated wall specs were changed (In about 2004 – See above)








3.) Using the Sequoyah change orders starting in June 2006, and the firm date for state approval on September 4, 2006, why did we pay out for change orders for a building whose plans were not yet approved?







4.) Why did only 2 of the 3 schools have a firewall issue? …    Both of these Wakely and Assoc. designed schools Sequoyah Elementary and Dakota 9th Grade Center “had firewall issues”.       

Seneca Middle school, the French and Assoc. designed school DID NOT have “firewall issues”. 

It’s a $385,965 dollar question.

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