Candidate November 6, 2018

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I started this dot org in 2007 to bring transparency to the inner workings of the Chippewa Valley school district. I have tracked frivolous spending on food and gifts, tried to expose where some of the $500+ million has gone[I don’t believe all of it has gone into these school buildings], and even informed parents about their rights when it comes to which supplies the school districts should be providing.

I am a candidate for school board …again. November 6, 2018 is the election date.

The board [ Especially Incumbents Sobah and Aquino -see below] don’t seem to be worried about the massive exisiting debt because they are coming after us for more, most likely claiming the schools aren’t safe. Playing on fear,  they are going to tell you they need millions more to make them safer.

In the age of tech and social media, the current school board still refuses to tape and broadcast their meetings. I attended a meeting no too long ago, and much to my surprise they were holding their building and site meeting way in the back somewhere, hiding from the public. Hiding what?

This needs to change.

Stay tuned  for more information, especially on BOND ATTEMPT 2018.

Grace S Caporuscio

A conservative for Change.

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