Bond -a -POOOL00ZA!!

August 24, 2018 · 0 comments

We have now added $97 million dollars to the existing $477 million dollar debt. We will await the promised website to track the “spending”.

Forget viewing the meetings. They will never do it themselves. You  have to get in your car and ride down Cass. Ave. to the board office to see  the meeting for yourself. Then again, why waste your gas. Anything of importance is being discussed way in the back of the building.

I predict this:$ 7-8 million will be spent where parents can ” see it”, with much of that going out to the same contractors in the form of change orders, and Barton Malow;  the remaining $90 million will be split into 6 payments to pay the minimum on the debt for about 6 years.

Any adjustment to the economy downward will result in our mills being raised. I would not be surprised to be eventually paying 10 mills. At the current rate the debt will never be paid off.

Let’s hope the taxpayers get the “safe and secure buildings” (and other fluff  they were promised).

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