Fraud watch Various Sites and NEW! Storage instead of Toilets

 Documents and commentary on past bond projects including sewers, firewalls, odd order of construction and change orders, boilerplating and more. Why this is a bad deal for taxpayers and who are the companies with the most change orders.Where are the millions really going? Who is behind this and are the Superintendent and board members aware of this and looking the other way? Strictly asking questions at this point in time. 

Urban Dictionary-boilerplate is an important term I will be using. The definition is as follows:
Generic standardized text which can be used over and over on various forms and contracts slang for “unit of writing that can be used over and over without change,” 1893, from a literal meaning (1840) “metal rolled in large, flat plates for use in making steam boilers.”
This will make sense as more documents get posted.


© 2017 International Anti Corruption Resource Center has a resource found here to get us started as to what to look for when dealing with change order fraud.


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Change orders appear in 1 month- January 2006  for Seneca Middle school ,6 months + prior to being built.  Why wouldn’t the architect just change the plans? As always, just asking questions………





Final Approval to Plan(s) State-





Original Change order #9

(showing a lot of changes to contracts made; who knows if any of it is legit?)-






1.)Seneca middle school, A cool million and 15 thousand square feet.

Chippewa Valley meeting minutes show Barton Malow was given an even  one Million dollars because they” increased the building area” of Seneca Middle school by 15,000 square feet while constructing.    Scan0015.

The architectural plans show the school was approved at  192,500  square feet but tax documents show  a final square footage of 196,299. A difference of  3,799 sq feet.    Scan0016

Questions: What exactly was the cool even one million dollars for? Managerial fees? Where are the other 11,201 square feet ? Who agreed to and approved this change? Maybe there are alternate documents showing different square footages?

2.) Wyandot Middle School LCCE Room ( Life Centered Career Education)
Let’s take one example of an odd order of Construction events  by  project on one site. Change orders relating to one named project are placed into timeline spreadsheet below. What stands out is there seems to be duplication of work, and the construction goes on for almost an entire year.  NOTE   [[  There are some gaps in the months because I may not have the month(s) summary or change orders  pertaining to the specified project  may not have existed for that month.]]
This is also an example of  boiler plate language. Using the same phrases over and over and maybe changing out a word or two, such as “power” for “electrical”; “piping” for “plumbing”. The change order summaries are littered with these industry standard phrases, IMO to maximize change orders, maybe making up work where it was not really done. Could it be they  are recycling time and material sheets from the original contracts?
 Why would you build a drywall enclosure around piping and then 3 months later “add plumbing work”. Why would you add power(electricity) and add it again 6 month later?
Questions:Was was this work really completed and why drag out projects this length of time…. to maximize change orders? Is it inefficiency because no one cares if they waste taxpayer money or are Barton Malow and Wakely incompetent….or both?   Are the companies listed complicit? Again, just asking questions about what is shown.
Sep-2006     McCarthy const.
concrete work to install washer and dryer in LCCE room

B&H Const.
build drywall enclosure around washer/ dryer piping
Dec-2006       Heights H/C
plumbing work to add washer and dryer in LCCE room
January 2007
Feb-2007         McNulty Elec
add power for washer and dryer in LCCE room
March – April – May- June- July-
Aug-2007        McNulty Elec
add electrical for appliances for LCCE classroom


3.) CHANGE ORDER   Little Turtle Sewer Line along Card Road.

Little Turtle Preschool Card Road Sewer line Contract and Change order narrative:

A November , 2008 FOIA to DPW indicates no inspector at the Macomb DPW ordered a change.

Why does the change order come 5 months after school is open and sewer works?

May 1, 2006-   Contract  given  to  T.R. Pieprzak  for  $241,022 to “install a sanitary sewer line  down Card. Rd. for the new Little Turtle Preschool”  .

September 2006 – Little Turtle Preschool opens. ( therefore, sewer must work)

October ….November….December…..January

February 2007- Change order submitted  ordered “by Inspector” for T.R. Pieprzak  for  $70,328.

Supporting documents:   docslittleturtle