2017 BOND PROJECT SHEETS a.k.a.Dream a little ($89 million) Treasury dream…..

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NEW!  READ the Tuesday May 2, 2017 Ballot HERE:       CVBallot52017

It  has very precise wording as mandated by a change in the law that happened  based on Chippewa Valley’s bad borrowing practices.

Financial experts have crunched the numbers  The .5 mills will not be enough to pay off the $ 89 million dollars on time.  The .5 mills are only FOR THE FIRST YEAR!!

Notice the debt total and amount of interest. $$$$

Here are lists of all of the awesome projects Chippewa Valley schools has planned for all of their sites; more importantly approved by the Michigan Department of Treasury.

More nebulous boiler- plated dreamed up pretend projects, now divided out into SERIES1 and SERIES 2 to really confuse any onlookers:

Admin Mohegan Maint. Little Turtle

Elementaries South of Hallrd.

ElementariesNorth of hallrd



My favorite is the “Install water bottle stations”. Isn’t that a drinking fountain?How are the students staying hydrated currently?



We were going to replace these seats in the Dakota Auditorium. I made it very public these auditorium chairs looked brand new, so they didn’t replace them.  See post: “Where is it going exactly…..”

They are back on the new list to replace.

What contractor wouldn’t dream of an initial contract for some minor “update work’ followed by thousands of dollars in change orders?

***(See Fraud Watch above) It’s not for the kids, it’s for the contractors and architect and Barton Malow.




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