Drywall; Where is it and it’s role in fraud.

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NEW!!  The much anticipated check register! I’ll be comparing the approved contracts with what is posted on this site:



OK. Another spreadsheetdrywall. I’ve extensively covered the odd ordering of  change orders  in the  enlarging of the Wyandot stage in “All the World’s a stage” blog. Here are a few pics of the Wyandot Middle school stage. The pictures are a bit fuzzy, but these walls are block. The change order underlined in Blue on the spreadsheet states”additional drywall”, meaning there was more placed somewhere; where is this 35 K in drywall?








Storage; Back wall of stage; we can assume there is also block behind the black curtain.




Also interesting are the March and April entries marked  in green “cover existing walls with extra layer of drywall, and changed  up a bit to” Install drywall over existing classroom walls.  $16, 094 worth of drywall. Every classroom I’ve been in for about the last 20 years has had block walls. Anyone who is familiar with the East Detroit (Pointe) school scandal knows they claimed to be” putting drywall over block walls”. That’s one of the ways they were caught. If you are unfamiliar with the case, it’s found here:


Coming soon –Duplicate C/O’s.

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