If this Bond Does Not Pass…Education will still go on……..

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What happens if the 2018 Chippewa Valley bond does not pass?

We will still have safe and strong schools. Here’s why:

The Michigan 2019 K-12 School Aid Budget just passed includes a funding increase of between $120 and $240 per student. This budget also sets aside $58 million for school safety.  This includes money for mental health counselors, threat reporting systems and physical building security. An article stating there is more grant money for safety in schools:


According to State data CV schools received  $180 million dollars in revenue and expended $159 million for all education in 2016/17 school year, leaving $ 21 million for it’s “rainy day fund”. These funds are renewable funds; every year. They are flush with cash.

[https://www.mackinac.org/depts/epi/fiscal.aspx ]

Compiled information from the State of Michigan.

This “rainy day fund” would be used for repairs and maintenance.

Let’s look at this rationally:  If boiler, HVAC or plumbing problems happen mid bond issue here or in districts that have no bond funds available, how do those items get fixed? The same way schools have historically done repairs or replacements before they started using these bonds (borrowing for construction and buses).

They budgeted for it out of operational funds. Our schools are not in disrepair and unsafe. They couldn’t let big tickets items go due to safety and health concerns.

If the hand dryers are broke in the bathrooms, a simple repair or replace should come from the regular operating budget. If the school administrators let the hand dryers stay broken, sinks not have water or soap dispensers stay broken then surely it is a health and hygiene concern, and maybe the health department needs to know. These things should not be held over parent’s heads.

Interior locks, any reconfiguring of front office spaces, and early warning systems could have been completed with the $89 million dollars from the 2010 bond. They are sitting on $ 2 million from the 2010 bond and could install the BluePoint Alert system for about 1 million dollars today. Why wait? Keep in mind that $89 million spent from the 2010 bond did not include any new structures.

Circle thinking here. If bond money has freed up general operating fund money over these last 20 years, there should be plenty for repairs and facility upkeep.

The May 2017 Bond did not pass yet kids are still being educated.

This district has been in perpetual debt for hundreds of millions of dollars since at least 1995. [Ballotpedia]

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