Dirt and Pipes

December 10, 2017 · 0 comments

Dirt: It seems some of the 2004  bond project sites had really bad dirt; unstable and improper. One would think soil testing would have gone on by the engineering firm/Barton Malow before any project was begun. Boiler plated  language is really apparent here on this spreadsheet: BadDirt



Pipes:Change orders relating to gas pipe on top of Mohegan are interesting from 2012 -[ 2010 bond].


January 2012: we  paid Contrast Mechanical to” replace existing gas pipe on roof .” for $1,594.  Seems cheap. Fast forward —-

April 2012:  we paid F&P painting $6,450  to “Sand and paint gas lines on exterior of building and on roof per state mechanical inspector.”  Weren’t gas lines replaced back in January?

Also to note the $14,656 for lava rock and some bushes. Seems expensive for what we got.






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