Is it a Seneca -DPW [Drain Commission] Storm Pipe Double-Deal?

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This is the first big ‘project scenario’  change line item I  started asking questions about in 2008:

No photo description available.

Contract is between Chippewa Valley school ( Barton Malow manager) and DPW

[A>K>A the term Drain commission is used in the Change Order; I am sternly corrected in my first FOIA to the DPW in October ,2008 ]

for drain work under Seneca Middle school:


No photo description available.

The change order for $55,470 additional storm piping seen on the December 2005 monthly summary is not ordered by DPW [drain commission]

as shown by my 2 FOIAs and highlighted in green dated December 8, 2008.The Change order comes, strangely, the month after the Application and certificate dated November 1, 2005 for payment is made . The certificate itself points back to the months prior, circled in yellow, stating that NO changes were made to the $168,366 dollar project.








Did we get extra pipe is that someone claims was ordered by the DPW[drain commission] or were we double- dealed?

It’s a $55,470 dollar question.


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