Manthey Farm purchase and Bond money discussion

February 5, 2019 · 0 comments

A discussion of the Manthey farm property  purchase at 22 mile and Garfield .

A Macomb Daily Article 2-11-2019 tells of some of the history of the Mantheys, and my quote at the end.

I do believe I was mistaken and the Manthey’s left the property to the district free and clear plus a stipend.

There are many opportunities for students at this 40 acre site. I can think of a few.

Horticulture /Growing of produce, classifying trees  and watching the life cycle of plants.

Watching and studying the abundant animal life and creatures in the small creek plus many more.

If parents have any ideas they should show up to a meeting and share them with the board.

Also talk of the bond expenditure timeline By Metro Technologies and Barton Malow.[ Wakely Assoc. rep absent].




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