Manthey Farm purchase and Bond money discussion

February 5, 2019 · 0 comments

Macomb Daily Article 2-11-2019 tells of some of the history of the Mantheys, and my quote at the end.

I taped the 2-4-2019 board meeting-some rather important parts anyway… gotta love cell phones.

If this is so exciting for the Chippewa Valley residents of the district, why not tape and broadcast their meetings? I did. Here the board approves the purchase with general funds(how much in total did it cost us?) the balance of the Manthey farm property at 22 mile and Garfield .No use mentioned and a portion of the 44 acres is in Utica School district. YOUTUBE here:

Here is the document that shows what we will most likely will be paying for the property: $4 million dollars!!




I have the 11 lot subdivision plans located on the south part of this same property we taxpayers own all [planned in secret in 2007]  on this site(see above)  titled MANTHEY FARM…….


Also talk of the bond expenditure timeline By Metro Technologies and Barton Malow.[ Wakely Assoc. rep absent].

***Zero mention yet of the website/online resource to see where the money is actually going as promised in this letter to parents found here…..      Scan0050

   I’m sure Metro Technologies is working on it ……I’m sure it”ll be up very soon! 

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