All the World’s a (Wyandot) Stage.

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UPDATE: NEW Document- A line taken from Shakespeare’s “As You Like It”. The Wyandot Middle School stage was the focus of quite a few change orders in July 2006 and again in January 2007 relating to it’s “enlargement”. Roughly $253,000 in change orders.Why are these questions still  relevant years later? There have been  recent instances  of work being invoiced to government bodies and not really being done. Is there a Statute of Limitation with fraud? 14 years later comparing the 2 documents with a series of change orders , we find this:

This is the newest document that was submitted to the Department of Treasury for the 2018 bond.


Both documents are not drawn “to scale” ,and the drawings are not in scale to each other, but one thing is clear when superimposing the 2018 drawing over the 2004; the stage did not change in size.

With the money spent on this renovation reflected in the change orders, you would think there would have been a significant size change…..



Superimposed images…newest on the top:






Here are the original monthly change order summaries relating to the Wyandot stage:






Putting these contractor’s contract changes in time line spread sheet looks like this:

-Note the word “enlarge” used on almost every listed change order and is certainly’ boiler plated’* here.

* See Fraud watch to find the definition of ‘boiler plated’.

1.Was there an original contract to enlarge the stage and who was it primarily awarded to and for how much?

2.Why would stage work take place during the time school was in session, January 2007?


3.Why would the Architect submit a plan to the  Michigan Treasury showing the stage was going to be made smaller, for “storage” and “stage storage remodeled  into a cafeteria corridor”, yet these change orders show it was enlarged?

4. 35$ K in drywall [enough to drywall 2- 3,000 square foot homes], and 40$ K for electrical work [ that is a lot of copper.] What area was taken away from to enlarge the stage?

5.Why the gap in time of 7 months and a change order for demolition AND additional foundation and masonry work come at the ‘end’ of the project?

Like the potentially fake sewer change orders, are looking at a case of stage fraud?

More to come…..




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