Out of Order Change Orders Part II ~Fire pumps Plural

January 22, 2018 · 0 comments

More spread sheets arranged by Company and Site[ Again, Not alleging any wrongdoing by any named Companies; just asking questions]

This company has many change orders out of sequence ; duplicate numbers:

2 –#6’s, 2-7’s,2- 8’s, 2-9’s






The  electrical company in the following spread sheet has one major change order out of sequence and it appears to be duplicate of a line item that was done one year prior (see All the World’s a stage), a fire pump addition. Wouldn’t the electrical have been added when the first fire pump was “added” in January 2007? It also appears that  more Electrical work was done C/O#12 May 2007. Again, why wasn’t this included and completed with the original contract during the first installation of a fire pump ?

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