In case anyone living in the school district has missed this the news, this has been ongoing between parents and the Superintendent and board.

 MACOMB TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WXYZ) — A Macomb County Dakota High School dad is apologizing to the school for an incident after his son’s team beat his alma mater, Chippewa Valley High School, where he played and was the team captain in the late 1980s.He says he did it to show support for his son and teammates. The dad, who doesn’t want to be named, says he set a poor example and takes full responsibility.After the game on Nov. 1, when the team had returned to their school he put his Chippewa Valley varsity jacket on the ground and set it on fire.He wrote in a letter to the coach and team, “I got caught up in my excitement and through this would be funny or motivating to the players. Shame on me.”Dakota upset Chippewa Valley 34-13 in the game. The Dakota High School coach was suspended before the next playoff game with Sterling Heights Stevenson and lost 38-35 on Nov. 8.The coach was told he did not do enough to protect his players. There’s no indication the coach or the players had anything to do with the incident.

Michigan coach suspended after player's father burned opposing letter jacket

and now this continued controversy:

Never saw the board office standing room only. Never.Happens….only when  parents are riled about something.

Here is video of the 11-18-2019 board meeting where the Super talks for about 5 minutes ( not on the agenda) and the a parent rep. for all of the parents and players speaks:

President Pyden asks several questions of parent:


Channel 4 coverage of meeting:

Highlights from the videos:

  • The parent states the school board has an Anti- bullying policy. Several board members have  bullied parents themselves ( not the newest members) including me. Mr Sobah claimed I was the ” cancer of the community’ when asking about expenditures of the board. Mrs Aquino herself invited me to “Not put any of my kids at her schools” if i did not like what was going on…( at Mohawk/Dakota) I wouldn’t expect any sort of action on bullying knowing this.
  • A  non-named school board member writes a scathing email to one of the parents.He invites the Parent” not to vote for him” or something along those lines. Very odd. Why is an elected official contacting any parents outside the realm of the entire board. Isn’t that the “what not to do 101” of elected board members?
  • Mr.Roberts would never meet with any group when it’s too easy to mix up his words with too many witnesses; he tries to get them to promise not to come to the board meeting where all could hear the parents of the players in public. PR nightmare.
  • President Pyden carefully questions the parent,probably to make sure the entire board is not implicated in the scathing Email by a singular board member.
  • Could it be they are trying to get rid of Coach Bauer so they  want to bring back the Coach from DeLasalle High. ( where they are having a hazing scandal. Dakota had football players hazing incidents under the same  coach in 2007 or 2008 ( Can not remember the exact year it happened)
  • Maybe we need to break away  all of the schools North of hall road from control of Clinton Township based board office.
  • More to come on this……..stay tuned……