Safety and Security Letter to Parents

August 21, 2018

“School safety is Important”. Certainly, but in this letter to parents, they state that their “Security analysis found the district has kept up with security and safety best practices”.  They just negated their entire claim of needing 97 million dollars because the schools are unsafe. “If passed this proposal would not cost you one extra penny”. The […]

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MI DEPT OF TREASURY (didn’t want us to know)

August 20, 2018

Why would the Michigan Department of Treasury want to keep the Chippewa Valley bond application a secret from the voters for 4 months? They denied 2 of my Freedom of Information Act requests  while they had a document fitting the description of my request in their possession.The Treasury has done the voters of this district a […]

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97 million big ones

August 6, 2018

Just as predicted: Here’s the November ballot. Your school district is looking for 97 million dollars:  Read carefully: First year zero; after that The simple average will be 1.53 Let’s take Dakota Project sheet for an example( the rest coming very soon…) They want to sink 10 million dollars into Dakota High school: Fun things […]

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Here it comes….

July 13, 2018 MOTION #07/05/18 – Moved by Member Bednard and supported by Member DeMuynck Zech that the Chippewa Valley Schools Board of Education approve the Application for Preliminary Qualification of Bonds and its submission to the Michigan Department of Treasury for a final determination that the proposed capital improvement projects included in the application are preliminarily […]

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Audit and $afety…at a price

June 15, 2018

Here is the new Chippewa Valley audit for 2016/17.Scroll to the last page: Still 424 million dollars in debt. There’s a new twist on the “How can we get the voters on board for millions more”. Scare tactics: A telephone town hall will be held to tell us what millions more are need to be […]

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