NEW**CONFLICT OF INTEREST +Parents want F 2 Face learning-Recall Petition of 4 board members

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This event’s virtual flyer shows Ms Beth Pyden works for the MEA Local 1 while sitting on the CV School board.[Not commenting on the politcal aspect]
Ms Pyden entered a vote on a contractual agreement that comes out of the office where she has been employed since 2019.
Covid 19 shut our schools down almost a year ago, fear of the unknown virus.
I think most are looking for decisions based on science at this point.
Parents were promised that CV would reopen the schools.
Based on this decision, 4 board members are the target of a recall effort.:
“On Aug 10, 2020, voted “yes” on motion #08/09/20, to not reopen the district for in-person instruction at the beginning of the 2020-2021 school year. “
4 board members are the target of a recall effort.
Ms Pyden is one member.   Her statement taken from Ballotpedia:  Pyden said the board’s decision to keep students in online-only schooling had not been taken lightly.
She also said that the recall petitions had cherry-picked portions of the school board meeting record in order to make the argument in favor of recall.[1]


 Below as posted on Facebook:[0]=AZVheaT2ZGFJsYYBBzMOUxGHZt0IrsHPSivRicJfPb0C5PK1fV3CBxQMSdgl-t2It6JOoQ1IukBzf1DCy0EZ_kJ8Q7L5TqW7O7eqYuXOivdkPksp_v2W4CIp9nKnLCccysc&__tn__=-]C%2CP-R
For those interested in the CVS School Board recall effort, there is an email address – For now, we would like to get a list of names of those interested in volunteering in the effort. You can send a message to that email address with your name, email, and a contact phone number (if you wish – most if not all communication will be electronic) if your interested, along with what you can assist in.
We will need MANY volunteers to do many things, such as:
  • Write press releases/respond to media inquiries
  • Design/print promotional materials
  • Coordinate petition circulators
  • Petition circulators
  • Drivers to transport circulators and equipment such as tables and chairs
  • And more I probably haven’t thought of yet.
We will be coordinating a date/time for meetings of various volunteers from now until the effort is concluded and we’ll send these notices out via email to the appropriate volunteers. Thanks for your help in improving Chippewa Valley Schools!
If you cannot volunteer (hey, it’s OK – after all, we still need to school our kids 3 days a week!) but want to sign a petition, please hold off. I’ll post another message once we get to that point and I can add you to an email list at that time and send out times and locations of where you can sign a petition.

The union wants you to tattle:

Lastly, Social media/tech= the double edged sword.

The internet is forever. A sample of Ms Pyden’s Politics

( Whether you are left, right or somewhere in the middle leaning):


 Glad all that MI lottery money is going to fund schools. IMO Maybe parents/caretakers should be getting the funds $$ since they’ve become the teachers  ;  )
More to come.

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