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May be an image of 9 people and screen

Highlights: [No YouTube video yet]

The D.A.R.E. program will not be held anymore

Some high schoolers called in and a common thread of their concerns were crowded hallways.

A few parents who are in the Medical field challenged the Covid numbers and felt it was safe to go back face 2 face

Ms MaryAnn Levine ,MEA Union President ,stated that their teacher contract was for full time face 2 face. Will post video link as soon as possible.


………So after a drawn out meeting and voting on some confusing schedule, this is what is happening:

Starting on March 15 in person instruction will be expanded. The schedule will be 4 days per week in person and  Fridays remote with the school day running from 7:45am -2:35pm.

This might be IAM/high school plan. Check the CV website for better clarification of individual grade levels.



Topics from the 2-8-2021 CVS virtual board meeting found in this YouTube video :

-A board member is alleged to have contacted the employer of a district  parent who was asking for F2Face.

-Change orders; playground updates etc.

-Trustee Ms Jill Zech wants to remove her own students from CV schools due to no going Face 2 face.


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