Playground Merry-Go-Round

May 22, 2018 · 0 comments

Time for  new topic: playgrounds. I’ll leave these 2 documents here until I can add the supporting documents and more commentary at a later date.

This one is a compilation of some change orders relating to the co-operative with the MISD and Chippewa Valley’s Sequoyah Elementary school:



Yellow Highlighted were paid by the MISD; Circled purple lines paid by Chippewa Valley.

Why do change orders charged to both districts placed in a date spreadsheet  have numbers out of sequence again?



This one is a timeline of some of the above change orders:

Why does one change order specify Infill and the supposed matching on Feb. 2007 specify Excavate?

Why are change orders still coming in from a project  7-9 months later?

Why did we pay for drains twice?

Could some of the time/material sheets have been recycled for payments again after the project was done?

….more to come…

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