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Let’s look at the 2018 Audit by Plant Moran of Chippewa Valley finances:

A $ 35 million dollar difference from when the Ballot was prepared.

November 6th 2018 ballot proposal $442 million dollars of debt.




An article from the Mackinac Center for Public Policy.
[One parent was bothered that Chippewa Valley requested that voters take on more debt just 18 months after they rejected a similar request. “We said ‘no’ to a Chippewa Valley schools $89.9 million-dollar bond proposal last May 2017, and without regard for the $442 million dollar existing bond project debt, they have now put a $97 million dollar proposal on the November 2018 ballot,” said Grace Caporuscio, who lives in the Chippewa Valley district. She continued:“Although a district letter to parents states, ‘Security analysis found the district has kept up with security and safety best practices,’ they have repackaged this proposal for ‘safety and security,’ playing off parent’s fear of potential school violence. In addition to minor security items, the district lists other necessities such as $1,500 toilet partitions, $11,000 scoreboards and $25,000 to cover glass block windows. … We can’t trust them anymore.”According to the National Center for Education Statistics, Chippewa Valley School District had the second-highest amount of long-term debt in Michigan, behind Detroit’s public school district.Chippewa Valley taxpayers owed $488.1 million on long-term debt taken out by the district as of 2014, the latest year for which federal data is available. That came to $29,625 in debt per student]

Grosse Pointe schools are also using the “schools are not safe” approach……


Pushing the bond tagline again on the scoreboard at the Dakota/ Chippewa football game…..

How do we dream up ways to spend 97 million dollars?? Remember who makes up these “project “sheets.  Barton Malow and Wakely Assoc.  work on a no-bid basis and make$$$ millions and millions off these “projects” . Take a look at the allowable uses for Bond money before browsing the lists. They finely craft the wording. For the last bond attempt just over 1 year ago, Ron Roberts Tweeted they needed to fill potholes in the parking lots. Bond money usage  restrictions say you can’t do that. So instead they’ll claim they need to “replace” huge sections. Barely anything on these lists are for increasing “school safety”.  $500 Door locks? Where are they shopping for these things? Cameras, which they already have. The safety topic was dreamed up to help package the rest of the fake stuff and get this back on the ballot. Notice the proposed year format.

Here is a link to BLUEPOINT  safety alert system which is mentioned in these project sheets:

Not very expensive but packaged with the other extraneous items. They could install just this feature with the 2 million dollars still left from the last bond. Why hasn’t it been done already?

Here we go, not in any particular order: Mohegan, Admin Bldg, Little Turtle and Maintenance.




Next: Chippewa Valley & Dakota High and 9th Grade Centers:




Middle Schools Seneca, Algonquin, Iroquois, and Wyandot:





Elementary schools South of Hall rd.:




Elementary Schools North of Hall rd.:




The  current school board members…[ Remember the Incumbents are Sobah and Aquino ] VOTE THEM OUT !   …do not seem to be worried about the massive existing debt because they are coming after us for more,  claiming these schools aren’t safe. Playing on fear of school violence, they are going to tell you they need millions more to make them safer.                                

IF THIS PASSES we will owe almost 1 billion dollars [see PFM prepared bond document posted in $97 Million Big Ones] after fees and interest, and won’t be paid off  until the year 2044. A senior in high school will be 42 years old before this is paid off.

Defeating this bond for a second time will send the message we are maxed out on debt $$$$BIG DEBT ; NO BOND. Tell Ron Roberts No bond 2.0

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