Seneca Middle School Storm Piping [ Drain Commission Vs DPW ]

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Back in late 2008 after spotting this Change order in the December 2005  summary,

a change ordered by the “Drain Commission” for the sum of $ 55,470.00, I submitted a standard FOIA to the DPW (AKA drain commission) looking for the name of the inspector and any other info on this.


I received this reply from the DPW’s FOIA coordinator which included a history lesson  on how the name of the office had changed in 1975. Why does the change order use a name for an office that changed 30 years ago ?   [Could it be that they had been boiler plating these summaries for so many years, no one was looking, and they didn’t bother to change it?] That’s my guess.

FOIA produced this contract:

To make sure I was understood the first time I sent this 2nd FOIA request:

It was made clear that no change was made to the contract….But the December 2005 change order seen above states the “Drain commission-DPW” ordered it.

Here is the final Application and certificate for payment submitted to the DPW on November 1, 2005. We  can assume to mean the project was completed as planned, in accordance to the contract:

   and a blow up of the lower left hand corner of the App for payment that states total changes approved in previous months by owner:  zero

So why does a change order get approved the very next month, December, for $55,470 .00 after the contracted work was already completed andburied underground and paid for. If no body ordered it, was the work really done and where was it added?   Good question because $55 k = a whole lotta pipe.

Here is  a 3 part cutaway Scan0041 of the Nicol drain as shown on the Architectural plan of Seneca Middle school. Maybe the vintage Chippewa Valley Board members can show us where the extra pipe went.

Next up- More out of order change orders and  Sequoyah Elementary playground project [odd order of events and C/O payouts.]

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