Sidewalk to Nowhere……

December 12, 2019 · 0 comments

The  MISD in conjunction with school districts around the county want more….more of your money. They are proposing a 1.9 mill vote for more cash FOR 10 YEARS!!! . In a money wasting OFF CYCLE election to be held March 20, 2020.

First I’d like to know where the items we are paying for really are, such as this sidewalk both CV and MISD paid for in November 2005. (That I cant seem to find)

Again, there is no statute of limitation on fraud.

A June 2005 Letter from Anderson, Ekstein, and Westrick tells macomb Township “Nope not interested in a sidewalk along 24 mile Rd. Wont benefit our students.”







November 2005 2 change orders paid from CV and MISD monies totaling $6,500 goes to a company, paraphrasing here, “to install a sidewalk along 24 mile road”

So where is it? 


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