Tell Ron No Bond- Part II- It’s a Matter of Trust.

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It’s a matter of trust. These  Q&A  statements are taken from the District’s own website:

Q. Will the proposed 2010 Bond Issue increase my taxes?

A. No. If approved on February 23, there will be no increase in property taxes for the residents of our community. By approving the bond, residents are simply allowing the district to extend its current bond indebtedness by five years (from 2026 to 2031). Residents will continue to pay the same 7.65 debt mills they have been paying since 1979. A vote against the proposal will not lower your property taxes.

Promise broken.  The State Treasury mandated they raise our mills by .99 because they were not paying down the debt fast enough:

My comments  in red.

“Ten districts out of Macomb’s 21 school districts participate in the SBLF,” Blain said.

[No mention of the reckless borrowing on their part for years.]

“We anticipate that this increase will be temporary, approximately three years, based on modest property growth,” Blain said.

[ They anticipate this is a temporary increase yet we should vote ourselves into more debt?]


“In 2004 and 2010 voters in the Chippewa Valley district approved bond proposals”

[That is a whopping 257 million dollars over a 12 year span. What entity is driving this construction frenzy?].

This is what we were told we were getting in 2010:

  • Algonquin Middle School science room addition.
  • Community Education Center/Mohegan High School classroom/multipurpose addition.
  • Dakota High School multi-purpose/physics classroom addition.
  • Iroquois Middle School auxiliary gymnasium addition.
  • School safety – Installation of new surveillance systems and security cameras in all school buildings. Fire alarm panel upgrades.
  • Replacement of school buses.
  • Replacement of outdated computers, furniture, and equipment.
  • Upgrades to computer servers and telephone lines.
  • New, interactive classroom technology for every school.
  • Replacement of outdated lighting systems with new energy efficient ones. Motion sensors and auto-shut off systems designed to save on utility costs.
  • Student enhancements like athletic field improvements and new playground equipment.

All provided by Barton Malow, the district’s no bid contract manager. The district does not hire an impartial 3rd party firm to watch over these projects as Macomb Township does.

They profit from everything they recommend. Henhouse, meet Fox.

2012 Macomb Township Chronicle article about how Chippewa Valley forced the State of Michigan to enact new laws regarding borrowing. Follow the circle: CV’s bad borrowing practices forced the State to enact laws that then forced them to raise our mills.

Here are 2 links for an in depth look at our bond situation:

 Municipal bond search.

 88 page Document covering bond ratings prepared by Clark Hill.

YOUTUBE Video-I am asking questions about the 2004 bond projects and to find out if they were planning the 2010.

How can we trust this board with another 90 million dollars??

We CAN’T.    Tell Ron No Bond™



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