2010 Bond Project sheets

Chippewa Valley school district has been the center of attention lately due to their bond project mounting debt.   As it turns out, what they failed to inform the taxpayers before the 2010 bond vote is that  they hadn’t paid off the previous debt. Since 1997 they have issued new bonds and rolled over their outstanding loans 4 times. The request for bond funds MUST be accompanied with integrity and transparency so as to properly spend those funds (and fully account for them). According to the 2012 financial statement, 5 million dollars is still unspent from the 2005 bond. The questions that need to be asked and answered are why does the board keep spreading out the expenditures over so many years and should we be leaving the students we are educating today with this staggering school debt for tomorrow?    New legislation  has passed the Senate. This will force school districts to borrow in a fiscally sound manner.

In late 2009  I was curious to know where we stood in terms of bond debt,  I sent a Freedom of Information Act request to the Department of Treasury and discovered that the total debt would amount to over 1/2 billion dollars if the 2010 bond passed.  I made made the taxpayers aware of amount of debt :


or  according to the school audit,  $582,339,395.00 page 32] be exact.

CV school boards have had a history of borrowing from the state to pay back these loans, and is called a revolving fund. The interest is floated by the  state and thus the taxpayers throughout the entire state.

The most suprising aspect of this whole mess is the fact that the Department of Treasury and the Michigan Department of  Education LET the CV board keep borrowing. No one from the Treasury verified whether all the projects/upgrades recommended by the No Bid position General Contract manager Barton Malow were needed or not. They have profited handsomely  from all of the work they have “recommended”.


Feel free to browse the planned projects totaling 89 million dollars, completed  (or not) at a school near you. It seems these line items are just “suggestions”. Also see  “Buy Now- Pay Later”.

CVS 2010 Bond Part 1

CVS 2010 Bond Part 2

Change Orders—Updated 25 October 2009

After reviewing many change order summaries, I have noticed that there are an awful lot of “changed per inspector” which required more funds. After researching some of these through the state, county and township, I have been unable to locate a single piece of paper mandating the changes. Perhaps the district can share with me more detailed notes and documentation showing that these changes were indeed ordered.

CVS Changes Ordered.pdf
CVS Little Turtle Sewer Change.pdf
CVS Seneca Drain Commision.pdf

*** COMING SOON Morein depth  information on change orders on a new Page with clickable links.

Roof Bond Money

In 2004, CVS told the taxpayers via a project sheet that they needed $1,000,000 to replace the Dakota High School roof.  In early 2009, the superintendent reported to me that the Dakota Roof will not need replacement until 2012-2015.  If that is so, why did they say 5 years ago that the roof was in such bad shape that they would need $1,086,500 to repair it.  Since they didn’t need the money after all, why didn’t they return it to the taxpayers?

Size does matter—Updated 25 Oct 2009

In the October 2007 meeting minutes, there is an entry showing additional funds allocated to a construction management scope of an even $1,000,000.  The entry shows that it was for an addition to Seneca Middle School of 15,000sf.  Can the district show when this decision was made and what part of the building was added onto?  There was no addendum (or approval) for this change filed with the state.  Tax records show the building is 3,799sf bigger.  Where is the other 11,201sf we paid for?

Here are the documents showing differing school sizes and the $1,000,000 extra CVS given to Barton Malow to increase the school size: Scan0015 Barton Malow Scope 1 million /Scan0016 Tax and state plan showing square footage.

Chippewa Valley Real Estate

In 2004, CVS told the taxpayers via a project sheet that they needed $4,000,000 to purchase property for a future Elementary School.  That project was approved by the state.  Instead, the district purchased 7 acres of land (half of which is swamp land) for $680,000 for the development and construction of a residential subdivision.  After multiple FOIA’s to the state, I have not been able to locate any documentation whatsoever showing state approval. See the Chippewa Valley Real Estate link for more info.