MANTHEY FARM Chippewa Valley Real Estate ~ 11 lot Subdivision



Chippewa Valley Real Estate—Update

 In 2004, CVS told the taxpayers via a 2004 bond project sheet that they needed $4,000,000 to purchase property for a future Elementary School.  That project was approved by the state.  Instead, the district purchased 7 acres of land (half of which is swamp land) for $680,000 for the development and construction of an 11 lot residential subdivision.  After multiple FOIAs to the state, I have not been able to locate any documentation whatsoever showing state approval.

Here are some documents on this project:

Top 2 documents show 2004 bond project sheet and reference to to purchase of a site for a school with 2004 bond money:












Manthey Tax Record

FOIA denial

11 lot Sub






Property Survey

DEQ Description of  property/project

Legal description of sale

Legal description2