MANTHEY FARM Chippewa Valley Real Estate ~ 11 lot Subdivision



Chippewa Valley Real Estate—Update

  Chippewa Valley schools purchased 7 acres of land (half of which is swamp land; good for kids to study swamp creatures) for $680,000 for the development and construction of an 11 lot residential subdivision, most likely for the building trades.  After multiple FOIAs to the state, I have discovered  state approval. They allow the judgement of those in charge to spend the funds for great life skill opportunities for students. This is likely to benefit the building trades, who have  planned and built several home for Habitat for humanity. A worthwhile cause.

Here are some documents on this project:

Top 2 documents show 2004 bond project sheet and reference to to purchase of a site for a school with 2004 bond money; in this case a site for future HOMES:












Manthey Tax Record

11 lot Sub






Property Survey

DEQ Description of  property/project

Legal description of sale

Legal description2