Safety/Police Call for Service Logs


I believe school safety is extremely important. I am also an advocate of Zero Tolerance policies and the consequences to students if caught and support and encourage surprise drug sweeps.

Anger management and anti-bullying courses for students in all grades are proactive measures against violence.

Several years ago I started to use the Freedom of Information Act to gain Call for Service logs which track how many times and for what reasons local  police officers were called to the school grounds. These reports may or may not reflect incidents that are reported by the High school liasion officers.

The reports shown here are from last year 2011-2012 . I FOIA’d a sampling of schools north and south of Hall Road, usually the high grades. Keep in mind the time of day of the incident occured and these reports only reflect an incident which helps track the types and frequency of events on school grounds. To know what really took place, a FOIA of the incident report number would have to be made, and the report of actual events could be viewed or copied for free or a small fee. “Open generic”  is not a report (could be a 911 hangup or mis-dial).  “In a building” is a larceny.

If there is a school you are interested in knowing about not listed, or need help on how to view an actual report by number, please contact me.

Reports for the schools south of Hall Rd  are kept by the  Clinton Township police department. The school addresses are as follows:

Chippewa Valley High school  18300 19 Mile Rd. / Algonquin Middle 19150 Briarwood/ Wyandot Middle 39490 Garfield / International Academy of Macomb 42755 Romeo Plank/Mohegan High 19230 Cass Ave. 
Reports for these schools  click here; CVS FOIA (1)

Reports for the  schools north of Hall Rd  are kept by the Macomb County Sheriff . The school addresses are as follows:

Dakota High school 21051 21 Mile Rd/ Seneca Middle school  47200 Heydenreich Rd./ Iroquois Middle school  48301 Romeo Plank


Dakota Sept Oct 2011

Dakota Oct Dec 2011

Dakota Jan March 2012


Dakota March June 2012

Seneca Middle 2011/12

Iroquois Middle 2011/12